Very Urgent! Deadline Oct. 1 - Fountain, CO - this pretty carmel-and-white Husky mix is named Tequila. She is turning 10 in October and needs a home as soon as possible. Her owner is willing to help with transport to get her to a good home. Tequila is about 95 lbs and is current on her Rabies. She likes to be the only dog and although she lives with two other dogs presently she needs some socializing with new dogs, so not a good dog-park candidate. She pulls a bit on leash and is well behaved indoors, but does not like to be left home alone for long periods of time. Tequila is not an escape artist and hasn't tried to dig or climb but we always recommend at least a 5-6' fence. She will come when called, knows Sit, Shake, Lie Down. She is fine with children and social with adults. Tequila does not like to be kenneled and may hurt herself if crated. She needs some boundaries and training as she will counter surf when not being watched. She's really playful and in good shape for her age. This is son's dog and Mom has been taking care but is now getting transferred with the military and Tequila needs a new home by Oct 1. Time is running out for this sweet girl. She would be best with a handler that understands northern breeds and can give her some daily exercise, but since she is 10 she is not high maintenance -just likes to have someone around for company. A person that works from home or is retired would be perfect for this girl. Please contact Robin at CalmCompanions@hotmail.com Time is of the essence!