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Wylie Wylie Gender: Female
Age: 1 yr old
Loc: Virginia
Status: Available
Assistance with transportation if its the right home, distance may not have a max. If its for a meeting to see if it may be a match, probably about 6 hour driving. Wylie is fostered through the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue and VGSR requires a home visit and thus they generally do not adopt outside VA/MD/DC/NC area. Exceptions can be made for the right home and assuming they can get a local rescue to help with the home visit.
Wylie was in a VA animal shelter as a stray. She looked to be about 8-9 months old at the time and she appeared to have a broken leg that was never taken care of properly. The Virginia German Shepherd Rescue sent out a plea to see if anyone would foster her so she would not be euthanized by the shelter. Her foster parents volunteered to foster her thinking she was a husky/shepherd mix. They never had any intentions of keeping her. The goal had always been get medical attention for her leg (which ended up having to be amputated), and then to find her a good home.
Wylie is about 60 lbs (ish). Black/gray/white. Striking markings. Beautiful.
Tri-pod - missing front right leg but no physical limitations at this time. Can run, jump, dig, and do stairs just as good or better than a dog with 4 legs. Long term will need to watch her other front leg and diagonal back leg for wear and tear.
Wylie is about 1 year old; low content (based on personality and physical attributes is she is mostly husky with maybe a little shepherd and a little wolf); 55-60lbs - ideal weight; spayed - Oct. 2014. She is fully vaccinated and no medical needs at this time.
Known history - A man dropped her off at the VA shelter and said she was a stray but the shelter had reported that she seemed attached to the man. Several WD breeders in the area were contacted, and one specifically said she might be one of theirs but they didn't seem interested in helping her.
Wylie is: Fun and very playful (almost cat like in many ways). Loving and affectionate. High energy. Mischievous and can be destructive. Needs high amounts of stimulation and engagement. Loves to climb.
When meeting new people she generally is nervous at first but then warms up quickly and can be very affectionate. When they take her to places like Petsmart and Petco for adoption days she needs about 15-20 minutes to warm up (her hackles will go up at first and she is nervous), but then she settles in and takes treats nicely from visitors and does very well. However when foster family had a maintenance man come to their home Wylie was growling some and her hackles were up. She seems to take cues from the German shepherds in the foster home. If they are comfortable with the visitor, so is she, but if they are nervous of the visitor, so it she.
She absolutely loves other dogs. She plays very rough though so needs dogs that can handle her exuberance. At daycare she plays with dogs about 40lbs and up.
Wylie is unknown with cats. She shows interest but doesn't seem aggressive. Its very hard to tell if she'd have prey drive with a cat if left unattended. She's met a few 15 lbs dogs and she did fine at first but then when they tried to play with her she played too rough and the small dogs would snap at her. She is pretty good at having another dog put her in her place but it doesn't stop her from trying again (she'll pause when she is corrected, but then will instigate the other dog again - its a game and fun to her). She does best with dogs close to her size or larger.
When supervised and on-leash Wylie did very well with children, but shouldn't trust her in a home with children though yet as she can be destructive with anything she decides looks like fun to chew up and destroy. She also has some resource guarding issues. If she took a child's toy or stuffed animal, she could likely "claim it" and show aggression when someone goes to take it from her. She is doing well working on this with her foster parents and trainer but she needs firm leadership and consistency.
She does like to dig but not excessively. If she had a lot of pent of energy and was bored she may dig even more. In her foster home she gets 2 long walks a day for about 2-2.5 miles each. She has not destroyed any furniture but could if left in a house unattended. She has destroyed some blinds and a rug (in addition to dozens of dog toys, socks, and things like that). She was much worse with no house manners when she was first brought to her foster home, and after the past couple months of consistency and reinforcement, she is doing better and learning to respond to correction. They also keep a leash on her in the house. She drags the leash around so they can easily get a hold of her if she gets into something she shouldn't be doing.
She definitely resource guards. If she gets a sock from the hamper but you get to her quickly, she may protest a bit but she is doing better with "drop" especially if you pull up on the leash a bit while you firmly command "drop". Foster parents have been working on her food bowl for months and she is 95% better with the food bowl for her foster parents. They have trained her that their hands going into her food bowl are a good thing and they are giving her more food or something even more yummy than food. When they first brought her home she would have bitten if you got to close to her food but she is much better with her foster parents now and doesn't show any aggression but she is still obsessive about her food. She is still bad with a high value item like a kong filled with yummy treats. The longer she has it and the more frustrated she gets that she can't get a treat out, the worse her intensity is when you go to take it from her. This is similar with anything she is chewing up/destroying. The sooner you get to her to take it the less resistance. The longer she has it, the more she has claimed it and the worse her guarding. She has come a long way in the
4 months but she still has a long way to go and she will need constant reinforcement.
4.5-5 foot 4 board paddock fencing with chicken wire has contained her just fine but she is never left outside completely unattended for very long without other things in the yard to engage her. If she was extremely bored and there was something outside the fence she wanted, she might try to dig or climb out. Contact Debbie at dak0717@hotmail.com or Emily at emily@hartman1.com
Contact: Debbie K
5 months ago