Are you in a situation where you seek to re-home your wolfdog? We would prefer to help you work through it and keep the dog in its home if at all possible! We may be able to assist with resources in the following areas:

finding dog-friendly housing
behavioral modification - training resources or trainers to work with you
containment solutions - digging, climbing and jumping are manageable situations
aggression concerns - this may be a medical condition (especially with aging dogs)
resource guarding - there are some simple "fixes" to manage this problem
house training / crate training - have you ever heard of "umbilical training"?
dog - child issues are a PARENTING issue and there are solutions for those as well
phenotyping - evaluation by knowledgeable rescuers and others regarding the wolf content that
may or may not be present in your animal

A good site for finding solutions is and there are many groups on Yahoo and FaceBook dedicated to helping wolfdog owners. One such organization is Florida Lupine Association at

We understand that there are times where it truly is impossible to keep a pet. If this is the case then please continue reading below.


1) It takes TIME to find, properly screen & approve new homes;

2) Sanctuaries and Rescues generally are FULL and there are few options for immediate
placement so you need to PLAN AHEAD and give us time to assist you in placing your animal;

3) There is no magical place where all of the "wolves" run free and in one big happy pack -
sanctuaries and rescues do their best but space and resources are limited by donations;

4) Your house dog is NOT going to be as happy outside at a sanctuary as it was on your sofa;

5) Most shelters WILL NOT adopt out your wolfdog and many dogs are mistakenly identified or
sold to unsuspecting owners as wolfdogs - if you find you must take your dog to a shelter,
please DO NOT identify it as a wolfdog unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that the shelter is
rescue AND wolfdog friendly or you will be signing its DEATH would be kinder
to take your pet to your vet and hold it while your vet puts the dog down than to leave it
in a noisy, scary place with no possibility of getting out except in a body bag;

6) There is not a high demand for older dogs of any kind...even less for wolfdogs;

7) If you are placing your wolfdog because it is a "problem child" of some kind, please
realize that most other people do not want problem children, either, so it will be
challenging at best to find your dog a home - the good news is some people do actually
like a challenge and / or already have "Fort Knox" type containment;

8) If you are seeking assistance for someone else we will need the owner's permission and
contact information to progress through placement;

9) Photos and information are CRITICAL to animal placement - we have little success without
them so it is imperative that a way be found to send this information to us!

Sound HARSH? It's REAL! The only solutions to the overpopulation and rescue problems are Education & Responsible Ownership.


1) You need to complete the PLACEMENT FORM as thoroughly and honestly as possible;

2) Submit photos (PREFERRED: full front view of animal standing, full side view of animal
standing, closeup of the head, and "cute" or "happy" photo all from its ground level not
looking down on it);

3) A Rescuer will contact you with any additional questions;

4) We post animals as adoptable with a Rescuer as the primary contact for the protection of
the animal being adopted and the adopter;

5) The Rescuer will make arrangements for an independent evaluation of the animal (if at all
possible as this helps us to responsibly place animals rather than relying on info told to
us - some people have have (intentionally or otherwise) misrepresented animal behaviors;

6) The Rescuer will screen any potential adopters, checking references, arranging home
visits, and coordinating adoption & transport;

7) All animals placed through Wolfdog Rescue Network MUST be up to date on appropriate
vaccines and spayed or neutered prior to placement;

8) Should you work it out, release to rescue, re-home or euthanize your wolfdog, please
notify us so that we may update your dog's status and take it of the pending adoption

NOTE: You will be expected to help with as much of the vetting and transport costs or needs as possible, as there is no separate fund or group raising money to rescue your pet outside of each individual sanctuary. Rescues & Sanctuaries help when they can but typically can only afford to support the animals they have committed to taking into their rescue group.


Your children learn from you...what are you teaching them? Are you setting a good example by working through problems and teaching them commitment or are you teaching them we are a disposable society and animals are easily thrown away?