Welcome to Wolfdog Rescue Network!

*This page is updated as new animals become available, and others find their forever homes. Please be sure to check back often to receive the most up to date information*


First and foremost, welcome to Wolfdog Rescue Network! We want to applaud you for making the decision to rescue, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of that process with you! Rescuing an animal in need is an incredibly rewarding commitment, and one that we know you won't regret. At Wolfdog Rescue Network, we will work hard to find you the animal best suited for your lifestyle and your family. Whether you're an experienced wolfdog owner or just curious about the breed, there is always something to learn and exciting new ways to expand on our experiences and increase our knowledge. We encourage you to do your part to prepare yourself for the lifetime commitment and responsibility of wolfdog ownership.

Education & Experience

The best way to gain knowledge and experience is always in person, hands-on; We recommend that you contact sanctuaries in your area and make an effort to volunteer, or at the very least, go for a visit. If you’re unable to go to a sanctuary, locate private wolfdog owners in your state and ask to come for a visit! Most wolfdog owners understand the responsibility they have to provide education to others; Many will welcome you into their homes where you will get to see first-hand what day to day life with these animals is like. If you prefer online resources, there is an abundance of publications and literature accessible to you, as well as social media support groups which aim to educate while also providing a sense of community and togetherness. Organizations such as National Lupine Association (www.nationallupine.org) are also a great way to get involved and get educated, while staying abreast of current issues plaguing wolfdogs and wolfdog owners around the country. While there is simply no substitute for hands-on experience, we strongly encourage you to seek out knowledge wherever and whenever you can.

Our Process

Wolfdog Rescue Network is a volunteer-based organization for rescues and sanctuaries to network their available animals, for private owners needing placement facilitation for their pets, and those interested in adopting an animal in need. All animals are thoroughly screened for adoption potential prior to placement in a home, however there is no way to accurately evaluate any animal in every possible situation it may encounter. While behavior and temperament vary from animal to animal, and in each given situation, we strive to learn as much about each animal as possible during our in-depth screening process.

Our dedicated volunteers frequently collaborate with seasoned rescuers around the country; we often rely on their knowledge and expertise when performing evaluations on animals when we are unable to do so, primarily due to the location of the animal. In addition, these trusted colleagues also provide support by assisting with other facets of the application process. Anyone interested in adopting an animal from us must submit an application and go through a similar screening process as well, which typically includes vet checks, personal references, and home visits. Using all of the information we gather during the screening process, we then try to place the right animal in the home best suited for them.